Top 3 Herbal Companies in Pakistan: Best Herbal Stores for 2022


Pakistan is one of the countries that have amazing potential. There are different types of treatment that run here. In Pakistan, there are herbal products sold and bought and there are schools of treatment like allopathic too. When it comes to treatment and disease management, there are different types of products. And for this, there are herbal products used too. And if you are looking to buy the best herbal products in this category, this one is for you. We'll be talking about the top herbal companies in Pakistan.

There are all sorts of diseases that you can treat with these medicines. And there are different stores that can help in this in Pakistan. You will be able to understand the complete information about these companies and how they are best. There will be information about how these companies have different products that are special.

1: Ajmal. Pk, From Herbal Companies In Pakistan

Ajmal. Pk is a dwakhana and a company as well. They are known for being the oldest in this matter and they have best medicines as well. They have amazing and perfect ways to present the most amazing products. And there are numerous products from them that work in different sections of life. They have some most amazing products in the field of men health, digestion issues, blood disorders and female health. Their products make an amazing impact on the lives of Pakistanis. And they are number one in the eyes of hakeems or herbal products sellers. There are different kinds of products they sell and take pride in selling, like:

  • Majun Raig Mahi

This one is from the featured ones of their products. There are different issues it can treat, like: premature ejaculation, semen debility, sexual debility and cardiac disorders. It is one of their most special products that take care of all of these issues. This one makes a difference with the energy it gives to the body and gives perfect results.

  • Tila Khas No.1

Tila Khas is one of the best medicines for male sexual organ issues. This one allows to bring the organ sensitivity to the normal level. This can help create a better sexual ability in men who have sexual debility and premature ejaculation issues. It can help treat issues that may come from self-abuse by men.

  • Ajmaleen

If you wish to Order Herbs Online, Ajmal. Pk is a perfect solution. They have amazing products that are the best ones in Pakistan. You can ask a hakeem or a herbal practitioner who would let you know about Ajmal's products being number one. There natural herbs list is long and it can change your life. Even if you have heart issues, these medicines can help you. This shows how they present different solutions for all sorts of common diseases. They also sell bulk organic herbs as well that would help people with health issues all over Pakistan. They have amazing products and they are also the best bulk herb store in Pakistan.

2: Hamdard

The second most authentic company for herbal products in Pakistan is Hamdard. They are one of the best herbal companies in Pakistan that work towards brilliance in the field. They present different herbal products in all different needs for disease management. Some of their most prominent and best products are:

  • Habb-E-Amber Momiyaie

This one is from the male health section and it works well for different sexual debility issues. This one is for men who have sexual debilities for some reason. And it can help keep libido issues, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual disorders low. That is why it is one of the best medicines for male health issues.

  • Habb-E-Nishat

This medicine is one of the best for male health. It can help different sexual disorders in men and increases sexual ability and libido. This one can also treat nocturnal emission and premature ejaculation.

  • Saduri

Saduri by Hamdard is one of the best medicines they have. And it is among the super prominent and famous ones from them. This medicine is a chronic cough and is non-sedative. It can help by suppressing cough. This one makes them one of the herbal companies in Pakistan that work to the optimum relief from health issues.

3: Qarshi

Qarshi is one more of herbal companies in Pakistan that work best. There are different herbal products from them that work well in different needs of treatment. Some of their best products are:

  • Jam E Shirin

Jam e shirin is the most sold products in the herbal category of Pakistani stores. Qarshi has been selling this one as one of the most effective medicinal consumer products. And this one is the most purchased product they have.

  • Johar Joshanda

Johar joshanda is another product from them that works amazingly well for flu and cold. Qarshi also claims that they can treat COVID-19 symptoms with this one. And people have been buying these for the health issues they have. Other products from them include:

  • Toot Siah

Tooth siah by Qarshi is one of the best products they have. They take pride in selling this one and they claim that it can help in pain and swelling of the throat. This one is another product from them that sells like hotcakes. And it has given them a lot of fame that they cash with the effectiveness it carries. This one makes it one of the top herbal companies in Pakistan.


There are different kinds of uses of herbal medicines and these herbs can help keep you healthy. In this article, we covered some of the top herbal stores in Pakistan. And revealed the best possible stores for this purpose. There are different stores in Pakistan from which Ajmal dawakhna is number 1, Hamdard and Qarshi compete for the number two spot. And this race for best Dawakhana in Pakistan carries on. As there are different ways, one can use herbal products and herbs. One can also use herbs for cooking, and it would help the user with the efficacy they carry. Therefore, you should give these stores a try for they carry